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Ava Weeks is now a part of a new missions organization called Chara Unlimited. This non-profit is organized under IRC 501(c)(3) so all donations are qualified charitable contribution for Federal Tax purposes. Ava is still working for Sixty Feet to minister to the imprisoned children in Uganda in Jesus's name. However, after much prayer and after consulting with some financial and retirement professionals, Ava will be raising much of her support for Sixty Feet under the umbrella of Chara Unlimited.

Chara (which means “joy” in Greek) has been set up by a volunteer board of five directors to provide a focal point to collect contributions and to provide better stewardship of support raised for her work with Sixty Feet as well as special projects (shoes for prisoners, mattresses for remand centers, teaching supplies for her students, etc.) All funds will flow directly to the mission field.

The four reasons for this change are as follows:
1. Ava will be able to put monies given by her supporters for special projects directly to those special projects.
2. Sixty Feet does not currently have any plan in place for a retirement plan for its missionaries. Ava will now be able to use some of her support to put towards retirement.
3. Ava will be able to utilize any excessive support raised towards her support for the next year.
4. Those wishing to donate directly to Ava (through Chara Unlimited) will have a qualified charitable donation.

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