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Sponsoring a child

Child sponsorship programs have been around for years.  They provide an incredible way to connect with and support a child a world away that you might otherwise never “meet”.  However, not all sponsorship programs operate the same way.  In many large organizations, only a portion of the money you send actually goes to the child.  This is completely understandable considering the cost of paying employees, travel, and so on.  Also, because other organizations may have the backing of businesses, a sponsor pays only a portion of what it actually costs to send their child to school and buy their food and clothes.  Sponsorship through Sixty Feet will function a little differently.  First of all, because our staff is paid from other support, every cent you send will go toward your child’s care.  Second, the cost of sponsorship may be higher than what you have seen from other large organizations because when you sponsor a child through Sixty Feet, you are fully supporting that child.  Third, because the fees for primary school and secondary school (all secondary students are boarding students) are different, the amounts for different children may differ depending on where they are in school. 


If you have seen the 60 Feet Gift Catalog, you have probably already seen some of the children that live in Maama Catherine’s Children’s Home and need sponsorship.  These children came from government facilities and were placed with Pastor and Maama by 60 Feet.  So, these children are being sponsored through 60 Feet.  However, Pastor and Maama are also raising children that have come to them in other ways.  Some of them were found abandoned, some were rescued from extreme poverty or abuse and some are related to them.  Each of these children are precious to the Lord and we are thrilled with the opportunity we have to offer them sponsorship through Chara.  



Elementary Students Total:  $990/year = $82.50/month

Cost for housing, food, and medical $690/year = $57.50/month

Cost for schooling for $300/year = $25/month


Secondary Students Total:  $1,690/year = $140.83/month

Cost for housing, food and medical $690/year = $57.50/month

Cost for schooling for secondary students $1,000/year = $83.33/month

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