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Fellow Laborers in the Field

These are two of the hardest working people I know! Ambrose and Sera are our social workers at M1, and we are so blessed to have them.

At one time we had over 60 Karamajong children ages 2-10 years at M1, and no one working there could speak their language! These children had been rounded up off the streets, separated from their families, frightened by their new surroundings, and could not communicate with the adults caring for them. Sera, who is Karamajong, was hired and she loved those children back to good health, and taught them about the love of the one who gave His life for them. She continues to work with our most vulnerable children.

Ambrose handles the distribution of the facility support 60 Feet provides, is an amazing liaison between the leaders of M1 and 60 Feet, continually checks on how our sponsored children are doing in school, and is "Uncle" to over 250 boys!

We are so thankful for these two precious staff members!

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