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July 2023 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

In the month of July, the Lord seemed to open the flood gates of heaven and pour out blessings!!

Rivertree Church, my home church in Huntsville, AL, brought all of their foreign missionaries to Greece to the island of Crete for a missionary retreat. I cannot begin to explain what a blessing that was to each one of us. We celebrated with praise and worship, and had free time to enjoy the island, sleep, read etc... We each had individual meals with two of our pastors and their wives where we were able to share our struggles and our successes. We also had time to catch up with other missionaries who we rarely get to see because our times in the US don’t overlap! I returned to Uganda feeling refreshed and renewed.

A week later, a team of seven from Gateway Church in Franklin, TN came and held a two day VBS program in one of the facilities where we serve. The facility is about five hours away so we don’t get to go there very often. We had an amazing time in the Word and at the end, the team served the children and the staff by washing their feet, and praying over each child.

The team also took our staff on a one day safari! Most of our staff had never seen animals in the wild and they were beyond excited!! We had to stop multiple times for baboons crossing the road and we even had to stop for giraffes! We saw water buffalo, warthogs, hippos, elephants, Jackson hartebeest, monkeys, and many kinds of antelope.

The last two days with the team were spent in facilities where the team sang, shared their testimonies, played games, helped the kids paint their meeting room, and did arts and crafts. What an incredible joy it was to have them here!!

Please continue to pray for R. the malnourished baby that M. is trying to adopt. R. is continuing to have medical issues that cannot be addressed in Uganda and she needs to get to the US. It truly will take a miracle for M. to be able to adopt her, but we serve a God of miracles, so please keep praying!

We hired a new nurse three weeks ago. His name is John and he is actually a young man who came to one of our facilities at the age of five. His mother died in an accident and he was found living on the streets by himself. He was eventually taken to Maama and Pastor’s home and they raised him. 60 Feet put him through school including nursing school. We are thrilled to have him on board. Please pray for him as his home (one room) was broken into last night and thieves took his laptop, phone, money, and everything in his backpack. Apparently they sprayed chloroform in his room while he was asleep, and then broke in and robbed him. Praise the Lord he was not injured, but please pray for him as he recovers from fear and loss.

We praise the Lord for 15 new students in discipleship/English class today! Their enthusiasm is contagious!!

Fun bit of news . . . my grocery store now carries Cream of Tartar and Nestle Chocolate Chips. A 12oz bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips - $12.83!!

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!




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