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February Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

February has been a busy month, but also an exciting month as we were able to get all of our sponsored children settled in school. That is a huge task because our staff goes all over the country (literally) to find the right school for each child.

On February 15, Henson, one of the second grade boys from my church and Gateway School, was climbing a jack fruit tree and fell to the ground. He was unconscious when they found him and his parents rushed him to a nearby clinic. The clinic said they couldn’t help him so they brought him to Kampala to a hospital. The hospital took cat scans, but wouldn’t keep him because his parents didn’t have money. They took him to a government hospital and he was finally seen by a doctor two days later. The doctor sent the father out to buy medicine for the child because the hospital was out of medicine. Henson was sent home from the hospital a week later. He cannot sit up or walk. The doctor told the family that Henson’s bones are weak from being unconscious for three days, and that he’ll get better. Please pray for God’s healing hand to be on Henson!

Last week 64 street children were brought to one of our facilities. These are children from Karamoja who were brought to Kampala looking for a better life. Unfortunately the dream of a better life rarely happens and the children end up begging on the streets. The government rounds them up and puts them in a facility to protect them. We are told they will be bringing more children in the near future. The children are between the ages of one month and ten years. When they arrived they were terrified, hungry, filthy, and cold. They were given porridge to eat, and were put to bed on a cement floor. A few blankets were located at the facility, so some of the children had a blanket to sleep on. They took baths and washed their clothes the next morning. The children put their wet clothes back on because they had no other clothing.

We saw them the day after they arrived and they were suspicious of us at first, but once we started singing and playing games, they joined right in. Their singing, dancing and giggles were priceless!

We thank the Lord that the government saw their needs and have provided food, clothing and blankets for them. Please pray for us as we share the love of Christ with these precious souls.

Gateway Nursery and Primary School in Bwerenga has opened its doors!!! We thank the Lord for everyone who has prayed, worked, and financially supported this project! I think the joy on the faces of the children and the teachers says it all!

Thank you for your prayers for the work in Uganda! May the Lord bless you.



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